Home sweet home?

Back home in norway now, good to see everyone and everything! Must admit i miss everything a little bit already though.. But. It’s really been a wonderful year!

Bye ❤


Three days left..

Only three teeny tiny days until we go home. It’s been a wonderful year! (nuff said) Feels like an eternity since I first said hello to my first host family eight months and eighty blog posts ago.. I just realized that it’s soon over..! Although I’m looking forward to going home, it will be incredible sad leaving all this behind. But I’m so happy and grateful it happened and I have so much looking forward to, so it’s okay.

Will start packing tonight.. Dam dam dammmm. : o

Chinese tea

(Ni hao!) Friday night came a new student to live with us, and she came all the way from China! She is super nice, and although her english isn’t 100% she is not afraid to talk to us, and is determined to “study english hard”. Thumbs up! Today Ella showed her where to find the chocolate and biscuits, and I had a taste of tea that she had brought from home. Another thumbs up!

School work and Closet work

I went shopping today, and one of the things I bought was a bag that’s just big enough for my iPad. Been needing that! : D And I was also a good girl and did lots of homework! Photography mostly.. Almost finished now! (Compared to yesterday I’ve had an extremely busy day! Spent most of saturday outside in the sun in shorts and t-shirt. Not a cloud in sight! Ahh, needed that!)


This is one of the images I made.. 8- )

Hope everyone else also had a nice weekend! : D


Just got this email:





WHAA! It’s a festival which is featuring lot’s of my favourite artist, like Imagine Dragons, Kaizers Orchestra and the Wombats!!! Yes, yes, yes, I’m there to work. But It’s gonna be difficult to stay away. It’s gonna be sooooo cool! Won’t be so sad going back to the north after all..

: D   : D   : D   : D   : D   : D   : D   : D   : D   : D   : D   : D   : D   : D   : D   : D

This have happened:

Blogging is boring today. So I’ll just make a list with some of the things that have happened lately:

  • Got the unicorn sweater. It was nice.
  • Developed photos from my disposable camera. Not so nice, but very funny.
  • Easter.
  • Holday started, haven’t done any much. :S (YET!)
  • Turned 18 (almost two weeks ago..)
  • Have become fond of waking up early-ish, which have made me a human alarm clock for others.. Yay.
  • Started to learn html, CSS and more with Codecademy! It’s brilliant :- D